“The measure of our success is not simply that we recruit and place the employee you seek. Rather, we measure our success by how many of the people we place are still with your company after five years.”  Keith S. Fairchild, Co-Founder and CTO, FairchildHR

FairchildHROur recruiting process actually starts when we analyze your job to identify the skills and personality characteristics that will ensure long tenure with your company. We build a customized array of Assessments that we administer to every candidate considered for your job.

Powered by IBM, we offer an expansive portfolio of assessments that evaluate personality traits, problem solving, learned skills and job and organizational fit. These tools, developed and validated by a team of Ph.D. and licensed Industrial and Organizational psychologists, consist of over 1,100 assessment titles in more than 35 languages.

This powerful selection tool is easy to administer and yields instant results. Comprehensive reports are then sent to you on every candidate at the time of their interview with you.

Tests are easy to access and complete from any device; desktop, laptop, or mobile.

All of these services are included in our Recruiting Services Fee.

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