Recruiting Services Exclusively for Small Business

“The U.S. is at risk of running out of occupational therapists, railroad engineers, mathematicians, machinists and other workers, potentially leaving the economy in a long-term slump. In the next 10 to 15 years, we expect U.S. employers to demand more labor than will be available, which will, in turn, constrain overall economic growth,” the Conference Board said in a report to be released Tuesday.” Jeffrey Sparshott, Wall Street Journal, April 19, 2016

Jacksonville Executive Retained SearchOur services are specifically designed to help our high-growth clients hire the talent they need at all levels; technical, scientific, engineering, managerial, design, finance, and C-suite. From drone pilots to rocket scientists to architects to plant managers, we have the success stories to share about how we find, evaluate and hire top performers in any position.

Long ago we discovered the key to being good at selecting the best candidates for our clients. Scratch the surface and you’ll find that most recruiters have never hired anyone. Most recruiters are taught to sell, and maybe search…but they have not hired people to work for them and they haven’t owned the results of those hiring decisions.  

At FairchildHR, our rule is to hire experienced professionals who have hired hundreds of their own employees and have mastered the art and science of hiring high performers.  

We excel in providing personalized attention to fast-growth small to medium sized companies and offer fee options for any budget.

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